Practise Exam Question – Q2, Week 2

By in Communication on January 20, 2013

Up, Up and Away – Explain how the headline and the picture are effective and how they link to the text.

The headline and picture are very effective, firstly because it says, “Up, Up and away”. This is clearly related, not just to the text, but a famous pixar movie (Up). The article is about a man who uses helium balloons to fly himself over the English Channel in an armchair. The “Up, up and away” suggests that he is flying to another destination and not returning for a while (which actually happened as it says in the text). The part where it says “the day that armchair travel really took off” to me is very funny because when we fly in planes we are seated in armchairs but this time the armchair is on its’ own. No metal shell or pilot, just balloons.
The picture is also very effective, and links to the text because it shows how the mechanism looked as he was flying over the White cliffs of Dover. Also, the balloons are very bright so it really stands out. In addition, the angle of the camera shot shows how high up he was and how dangerous and risky it was (as he stated in the text).

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    This is a reasonable attempt:

    You made some links between the image, title and text – each of these were valid. Your explaining of the link to the film “Up” was good, but you didn’t develop what the link might suggest (I haven’t seen the film, so I don’t know what is suggested by the connection). Do you think the bright primary colours of the balloons suggest more than simply that they “attract attention” ? Have you heard the song “Up, up and away in by beautiful balloon..”?

    “Armchair travel really took off” – it’s a pun as it’s also a reference to people who travel vicariously by watching things on TV from their armchair.

    The blue ribbon of water is also mentioned in the text.

    6/8 – most points made, though some at a more superficial level.




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