Practise Exam Question – Q3, Week 3

By in Communication on January 31, 2013

Storm at Sea – Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Claire Francis has during the storm.

Firstly, Claire Francis is sailing ALONE in the second largest ocean in the world. It isn’t the place for any person to be by themselves. Already she must have been feeling very isolated and lonely which turned into anxiety. In the article it says that she was cold and soaking wet and sailing through violent waves. At any moment she could fall in or the apparatus could break. That sort of risk probably worried her, especially through the storm. She must have been wondering why she even went on the expedition in the first place.
In the second paragraph, it states that the movements of the boat were severe. This must have made her feel even more uncomfortable and unsteady. Also, the fact that she had to keep moving into different positions in the boat just to stay afloat must have been tiring for her. She even says “I allowed myself to become excited at the sight of a clear sky”. This shows that she was so tired of the storm and just wanted a calm journey.

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    I think the best thing I can do is direct you to the marking scheme that I’ve uploaded to your blog and you’ll see the degree of detail in terms of reference to the words of the text you need for this question, which is always the one that asks you to go into detail about the ideas communicated (and the means of their communication)

    The exams usually go:

    1) Comprehend facts
    2) Explain presentational devices and effect
    3) Explain how ideas are communicated through words and language
    4) Examine the similarities and differences between two texts in terms of the language devices they employ and the genres of writing that they represent.

    Let me know if you need any help interpreting the marking schedule.

    My judgement is that you’d get about 5/8 for this one (and you’re more than capable of getting the full 8)

    Mr Waugh



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