Practise Exam Question – Q4, Week 4

By in Communication on February 22, 2013

Source 3 and source 2 both use different language techniques in order to make the article interesting. Source 3 is an extract from a book, Storm at sea, however, source 2 is a newspaper report.
One thing that I’ve noticed in source 3 is that it’s very descriptive. Because she is the one giving the account of the adversity, she is adding in all her thoughts and feelings, and giving more of an explanation to make the account seem as alive as it was to her when she experienced it. For example “water was streaming over her decks and her motion was as wild as a washing machine’s”. This statement doesn’t just show her description of the sea but it also uses a simile to show how much she was being rocked by the boat (motion as wild as a washing machine)
Another thing I noticed in source 3 was the repetition. “I discovered more and more dripping garments. My heart sank further and further”. Here she keeps repeating the words to add more emphasis on the situation. There was so many wet clothes and her hope was being lost the more she was out there. That is what I think she was trying to do.
Source 2 is much different. It is informative. Because it is an article, the personal attachment isn’t there so it isn’t as descriptive as source 3. But, you can see the difference in language when Jonathan Trappe spoke. He said things like “iconic ribbon of water” and “exceptional, quiet, peaceful and beautiful experience”. The personal response was there so he was able to give the sea a different light and describe his experience and about his dream.



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