Controlled Assessment Results – Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage

Remi, this essay contains excellent evidence of your increasing command of literary analysis. It demonstrates a subtle and mature appreciation of the characters. It is clearly structured – with some well-developed stylistic features that make it a pleasure to read. It contains a good level of detail in respect of historical context as well as a good level of understanding of the broader texts to which you refer.

To develop your work further:

1) Examine the language of the texts more (this advice also applies to your answers in the final Literature examinations). You will want to ensure you pull your quotes apart to expand on how the ideas you’re presenting are also present in the figurative language and even the sound of the texts you analyse – whether they be poetry or prose.

2) Keep every piece of your speculation about the authors and their intentions firmly embedded in the texts themselves. It’s valid and valuable for you to talk about their lives and histories, but there probably isn’t space in an essay of this length to go into speculating too much about their motives and intentions.




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